Housewarming Gifts For Prosperity and Joy

Moving to a new home is a joyous event and is an important milestone in our lives. Traditionally, the proud new home owner will invite friends and relatives over for a housewarming party, in order to return the hospitality received in the past, and to show off the new house. When someone is a first time home owner, he/she may not have much household items. Friends and relatives usually congratulate the home owner with housewarming gifts that may be needed in setting up the new home. In addition, these gifts are often symbols of abundance and good luck, and are intended to bring prosperity and joy to the new home. This article provides some unique yet practical housewarming gift ideas.1. Housewarming Gift Basket: This colonial house gift box is filled with gourmet snacks and household items that the new home owner can use. The recipients will be delighted to find items range from liquid hand soap, body and hand lotion, sweet smelling potpourri, scented jar candle, kitchen potholder and dish towel, combination screwdriver set, toothbrush and toothpaste kit to a small first aid kit. The recipients will also find gourmet butter toffee pretzels, French vanilla cocoas, caramel popcorn, and hard candy chocolate mints. Your recipients will appreciate your incredible thoughtfulness in sending them just what they need. Alternatively, you can send a Victorian house gift box filled with shortbread cookies, cheddar cheese stick, spinach artichoke dip, cheese twists, caramel filled chocolates, stuffed olives, Parmesan bread crisps and other treats. The gift box also contains an unique gift bag of chocolate mints with Welcome to your Home Sweet Home” message that will clearly deliver your best wishes.2. Candles: Candles bring light, warmth, good scent and are symbols of light in life. Candles are very affordable, and have many styles and scents to choose from. It is not surprising that candles are popular housewarming gifts. For example, you can deliver the scent of home by sending a willow basket filled with pillar and votive candles with the scent of apple pie, oatmeal cookies, and strawberry potpourri. This gift also includes glass candle holder, glass votive holders and glass candle plates. Another great candle gift for housewarming is a crystal candle holder with ivory colored unscented taper candles. This crystal candle set can be placed on dining room table to create a wonderful atmosphere for special occasions.3. Breakfast Gift Baskets: Traditional housewarming gift usually includes a loaf of bread to symbolize that no one in the new home will ever go hungry. However, a more elegant gift would be a breakfast gift basket that brings warmth and comfort. You can send a wicker basket packed with moist, rich pound cake, chocolate chip blondies, and brownies with walnuts. These scrumptious fresh baked goodies will sure deliver good taste. Alternatively, you can send an unique gift that includes necessary items for the kitchen: a large cutting board, hot pad, kitchen towels. Also included are Buttermilk pancake mix, Vermont Maple syrup, blueberry tea, drink mix and biscotti. Breakfast will be an event that everyone looks forward to in the new home.4. New Home garden: Plants bring prosperity to a new home. This inexpensive container garden that blooms consists of easy-grow seeds, nutrients, soil in a decorative leak-resistant container that is used for its very own growing pot. The recipient just have to plant, water and let the plant grow in the container it came in. This very unique gift will be an unforgettable new home gift. This gift is great as a moving gift for friends and coworkers, or as a welcoming gift for new neighbors.5. Gardening Gift: The new home owner will likely be busy in setting up his/her garden. You can send a gardening gift basket filled with needed tools and gourmet treats to make the work for the gardener more enjoyable. One such gift consists of a keepsake woodchip basket filled with a mini wooden bird house, a handy gardening cloth apron that holds matching hand tools (spade, rake and two different weed cutters), a soft foam garden knee pad and cloth floral gloves, a variety of five flowering seed packets for planting, and a mini ceramic garden sign with words of widom from the garden. The recipient can take a break and snack on goodies as chocolate mints, key lime white chocolate cookies, gourmet peanut butter pretzel nuggets, pistachios while she is reading the Blessings for Home and Health paperback book. Alternatively, you can send a gardening gift tote that came with a lovely inspirational book entitled Wisdom from the Garden, she can take time out from her gardening to enjoy the treats inside this tote! She will find lemon shortbread cookies, creamy dill cheese spread, Parmesan sticks, barbecue sliced almonds, lemon tea, mint tea, and lemon sours. She will also find gardening notepad with pen, gardening gloves with rawhide palms, pruning sheers, digging spades, branch snippers, and Spritzer bottle.6. Congratulations Gift Basket: You can send a congratulations gift basket for the housewarming party. The gift consists of a star embossed metal ice bucket filled with a bottle of sparkling white grape juice, decadent chocolates, cookies, truffles, English almond toffee and more. The silvery ice bucket adds a touch of class to the festivities and can be put to use after the party.7. Coffee Gift Basket: The ideal housewarming gift for coffee lover is a coffee gift basket. Filled with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate drizzles biscotti, cappuccio caramels, gourmet coffee, a nostalgic coffee mug, chocolate covered almonds, and creamy coffee candies, the hand painted solid wood gift container can be used long after the gourmet treats are gone. This unique gift is a terrific way to send your sincerest wishes.8. Tea Gift Basket: Similarly, the perfect gift for tea lovers is a tea gift basket. This Zen-inspired collection includes a chai tea sampler, green tea chocolates, delicate biscuits, inspiring ginger sweets and more in a ceramic planter complete with natural river stones. Alternatively, you can send a floral paperboard tea pot filled with goodies, including teapot shaped sugar cookies, a mini honey bear and assorted teas with a wooden honey dipper. Honey represents sweetness in life. This thoughtful gift delivers your best wishes to the recipient for a sweet and peaceful life in the new house.9. Kitchen Essentials: This collection of kitchen items will be a delightful welcome when received. It comes overflowing with gourmet teas, chocolate chip cookies, gourmet white yogurt dipped pretzels, Peanut Delight nut mixture, individually wrapped chocolate truffles, box of milk chocolate caramel hearts, fancy Kernels caramel popcorn all hand packed in a coco basket. Also included is a few fun mini kitchen tools, such as a wooden rolling pin, metal whisk and wooden utensils with a cloth tote bag that holds everything.In summary, housewarming gifts deliver symbols of a prosperous and joyful life in the new home. Popular housewarming gifts include housewarming gift basket, candles, breakfast gift baskets, gardening gift, congratulations gift basket, and container garden. These gifts not only provide useful items for the new home owner, but deliver our best wishes for the new home owner.

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Gifted – It’s Not About School

Gifted and Talented: a North American concept rooted in the education of exceptional children as defined by a psychometric evaluation. Despite the 140 year longevity of ‘giftedness’, we largely remain stuck in this one-dimensional understanding that ‘gifted’ is synonymous with school. This view of giftedness is outmoded at best and harmful at worst and has many implications for both gifted adults and children. An understanding of giftedness that is focused on school, often to the exclusion of everything else, limits those who have been identified as gifted. This definition denies those who attend gifted programs the awareness of the emotional characteristics and personality traits associated with giftedness. Some gifted programmes place a lot of emphasis on academic performance and this emphasis is often reinforced by parents who send the ‘you must live up to your potential’ message. Within an educational context, ‘living up to your potential’ inevitably means getting good grades. As a result, many children in gifted programmes define themselves solely by their ability or inability to succeed academically. Not taking into consideration the personality traits and emotional implications of being gifted while simultaneously focusing on academic performance sets some students in gifted programmes up for failure as it may be personality traits such as perfectionism and non-conformity that are contributing to their lack of success in school. On the other hand, there are those gifted students who excel academically conforming to the stereotype and ‘living up to their potential’ academically. However, academic success for some students in gifted programmes comes at the expense of their social and emotional development. Without awareness of the emotional aspects of being gifted some academic overachievers are less equipped when they are faced with challenges later, whether the challenges are academic or in other areas of their life. Gifted programmes that concentrate of a child’s academic performance while overlooking all the elements of giftedness perpetuate a restricted understanding of what it is to be gifted.Uniting giftedness and school means many people still believe that getting good grades is the same as being gifted and failure to be an exceptional student is proof that one cannot be gifted. Perpetuating the myth that scholastic performance and giftedness are the same means that unidentified gifted children and adults who do/did not stand out at school, will not recognize themselves as gifted. The idea that school achievement defines giftedness/ intelligence continues to be popular despite its flawed logic and some of this misconception is rooted in gifted programmes themselves.Connecting school and giftedness excludes a significant group of gifted individuals: those not formally identified as gifted by a school board. If you are over forty, it is extremely unlikely you were screened in the school system. And if you’re under forty, the screening for gifted programmes remains very spotty in urban centres and non-existent in under populated areas. There are also methodological concerns about IQ tests – it is possible to be a gifted adult and not demonstrate your gifted on an assessment for a variety of reasons: cultural bias, visual-spatial orientation or measurement error. The majority of gifted people were never formally evaluated and some gifted people may not be identified even if they were evaluated. Yet because of the widespread understanding of gifted as tantamount to education, many people have the perception that one can only be gifted if a school board decides you are.The logic of a definition of giftedness being about school means that once school is finished one is no longer gifted. The consequence of this faulty logic is significant. It means gifted adults, whether they have been identified in the school system or not, assume that once formal education ends so does being gifted. Focusing the definition of giftedness on school ignores the holistic reality of being a gifted person – one is gifted throughout life and in every facet of life. Ultimately, school is only a small part, even those who pursue extended graduate education will spend more time working than they will in school. Concentrating on education ignores what it is to be a gifted as a parent, a partner, an employee, a boss. For example, how many gifted parents also have gifted children? How many parents are aware of how the emotional aspects of being gifted affect their parenting gifted child – the mutual love of argument and the associated power struggles, the heightened sensitivity and sense of moral injustice? How many adults understand that their giftedness affects their relationship with their partner – the challenge in finding an intellectual peer as a life partner, the extra emotional demands a gifted adult may make, the intensity of living with a gifted adult. And what does it mean to be a gifted adult at work? If a gifted child is not challenged or engaged in the standard educational setting, to the extent that an entire educational approach has been created to address this gap, it follows that a gifted adult is unlikely to be challenged or engaged in a typical work environment. Defining giftedness only within a school environment fails to address all the other areas of life that giftedness affects.We need to move beyond the 140 year old definition of what it means to be gifted and separate it from school. Otherwise, we will continue to provide inaccurate information to children in gifted programmes, limiting their self-understanding as children and as adults. Gifted children who don’t/gifted adults who didn’t perform in school will not identify themselves as gifted and may not have an appreciation of who they are and why they may feel isolated. It’s time to stop perpetuating an out of date, incomplete idea of what is means to be gifted.